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Modular plastic bicycle frames with perfect surface quality

Bike frame

Cost-effective thanks to modular design

They are energy-saving by the use of injection moulding and are made from 100% recyclable material. With our plastic bicycle frames, we are breaking new ground in sustainable bicycle construction. Before the frame reaches the end of its life, becomes regranulate and is recycled, it still offers its users many advantages. It is corrosion-free, very hard-wearing and durable, and also has excellent strength and rigidity, which ensures precise steering and optimal power transmission. At the same time, it offers a high level of comfort, even on longer rides, because its dampening material properties reduce muscle fatigue caused by impact and vibration.

The modular design offers several frame sizes and designs from one tool set. Simple design changes, quick response options for interface adaptations and faster implementation. Whether a minimalist look or eye-catching colours, production using modular frame construction enables creative designs and individual customisation options.​
Tech up

Tech up

  • Economies of scale in toolmaking
  • Different materials for a frame
  • Optimised stiffness to weight (STW)
  • New injection moulding technology
  • Vibration dampening
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Diverse design options
Cost down

Cost down

  • Reduces maintenance costs 
  • Local supply chains


  • Tested in the laboratory


  • Energy-saving manufacturing process
  • Can be recycled
  • Local supply chains
  • Use of recycled material​