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drylin® lead screw systems

Reduce time spent on design and research, and optimise the procurement process. Trapezoidal, high helix and metric threads with more than 5,000 standard options available directly from stock: lead screws and pins can be customised quickly and easily.

Lead screw nuts

drylin® lead screw nuts  

6 different plastic materials

Diameters from 6 – 70 mm

Lubrication-free and quiet operation

Flange lead screw nuts

drylin® flange lead screw nuts  

6 different plastic materials

Diameters from 6 – 70 mm

Lubrication-free and quiet operation

Special designs

Special drylin® designs  

For linear modules

Clamping rings and locking screws

With self-aligning housings

Lead screws

drylin® lead screws  

Steel, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic

6x2 to 70x8 and 5x5 to 20x80

4 types of tread

Customer-specific designs configurable online

The expert can help engineers quickly find the right lead screw system part for their application and will also predict service life. Finally, order the items or request further information from us.
The configurator enables engineers to quickly find the right lead screw and machine the pins at both ends. The application generates a dimensioned drawing of the configuration directly. Engineers can then order the lead screw or request further information.

Configure the entire lead screw system

Lead screw system expert  
drylin® lead screw system expert

  • Service life calculation for desired lead screw system configuration
  • Overview of configuration 
  • PDF download with all details for the desired application

Individually machine threaded pin

Lead screw configurator  
drylin® lead screw configurator

  • 2D dimensioned drawing of the configuration generated directly online
  • 3D STEP file, likewise generated directly online
  • Direct price calculation, request quotation immediately online

High efficiency, low wear: high helix lead screws with dryspin® technology

The patented dryspin® high helix lead screw technology is based on wear-resistant igus® high performance polymers specially developed for lead screw systems. With properties and shapes that match plastic lead screw nuts and lead screws, dryspin® thereby provides an even longer service life and more efficiency for high helix lead screws. With lubrication-free properties, dryspin® lead screw systems are also suitable for applications in hygienic environments and cleanrooms.


What advantages does dryspin® technology offer?

Lubrication and maintenance-free

Higher efficiency (up to 82%)

Extended service life due to asymmetry


The radius tooth design ensures low-noise, low-vibration running

Service life can be calculated online

Lead screw systems for all requirements

Property icon  

Geometry with a vibration-dampening radial pre-load for smoother running.  

Property icon  
Zero backlash

Geometry with axial play reduction, automatically adjusting for minimised axial play throughout its service life. 

Property icon  
Spanner flat

Compact geometry for small installation spaces, dimensions identical to commercially available metal bearings.

High helix lead screw sample

Discover dryspin® technology for your application – test it here.

Selected application examples

drylin® lead screw systems can be adapted to individual requirements and can therefore be used for a large number of different applications.

Beverage filling system

Bearing technology from igus® – in use for more than 20 years

This filling system demonstrates the wide variety of lubrication-free rotary and linear bearing technology deployed successfully at Küppersbusch GmbH.

Laboratory unit

High efficiency

A high level of efficiency is achieved thanks to the lead screw systems' low coefficient of friction.

Labelling machine

New technology with proven components

Lubrication-free plain bearing components from igus® have proven their value at Krones for many years.  

Solar technology

Extreme weather conditions

igus® lead screw systems can be used even in the most extreme of environments and with high loads. They are also maintenance- and lubrication-free.

Filling system

Cleanroom compatible

Lead screw systems are lubrication-free, shed virtually no particles and are therefore ideal for cleanrooms.

More lead screw system application examples

Lead screw systems are machine elements that convert rotary movement into linear motion. drylin® lead screw systems are always based on self-lubricating plastic nuts, thus enabling long-lasting operation without external lubrication.

More information on lead screw systems

High helix thread sample  
Technical data trapezoidal lead screw nuts

Find out more about properties, application areas and assembly.

Test laboratory dryspin®  

The igus® dryspin technology convinces after 630,000 cycles due to low wear and high efficiency.