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igus® shore power e-spool® - the slipring-free cable management system

no slip ring ... low-maintenance ... inspection-friendly

The system is installed on the vessel or terminal and supplies power to vessels while at berth. The igus® shore power e-spool® is a motorised cable reel for un-/winding 1-4 cables that are suitable for use in high or low voltage shore power connections.
The rotary motion of the e-spool® is achieved with a twisterchain module instead of using a slip ring to allow a continuous cable run throughout the system. This module will accommodate up to 10 turns of the cable reel while allowing the single core cables (power, control, fibre optic) to run uninterrupted from the cabinet to a certified junction box inside the e-spool®.
The system is preferably installed in a container to withstand demanding weather conditions, vibrations and the working environment.

e-spool® shore power  


Motorised cable reel with electric drive

With control panel or remote control

With tension and length control

With twisterchain technology instead of a slip ring

Standard container version allowing cable deployment of 35 m or 55 m

Specific container solutions with 55 m or more, also DNV-GL-certified

Configurable with different cables, depending on the power and voltage category

According to ISO 80005-1/80005-3


Without slipring

No extra rotary transmitter needed

Direct uninterrupted cabling from the control cabinet to the connector

Resistant to seawater, cold, heat and vibrations

Low maintenance and inspection friendly

Develop your application for the future. Profit from igus® long standing experience in the maritime sector.

Products used

TC56 twisterchain® series  
TC56 twisterchain series

For circular and spiral movements

CFCRANE chainflex®  
chainflex® motor cable CFCRANE

For heavy duty applications, indoor and outdoor applications, UV-resistant

chainflex® CF330  
chainflex® motor cable CF330.D

For heavy-duty applications, UV-resistance and oil-resistance


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