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chainflex® CASE – ship’n store by igus

The chainflex® CASE is a box which allows cable drum shipping without a pallet. Thus the goods can be sent by the delivery service. The chainflex® CASE is not only for transport; it is also a storage system for cable drums. The cable can be easily reeled directly from the box. As the boxes can be stacked, you can organise your storage location flexibly. The QR code on the carton enables easy re-ordering online. The chainflex® CASE is therefore not only used for transport, but also allows the cable to be reeled off directly from the box. Thus you save not only shipping costs but also process and storage costs.

Here you have the opportunity to experience the chainflex CASE as a virtual, three-dimensional model

chainflex® CASE - ship’n store by igus:

Advantage 1: delivery by parcel delivery service

With the chainflex® CASE, cable drums can be shipped in a carton by means of a parcel carrier. Very simple and uncomplicated. You can save up to 84% shipping costs compared to standard shipping on a pallet by a freight forwarder.
Delivery by parcel carrier

Reduce overhead costs

Advantage 2: reduce overhead costs

Save yourself expensive bearing systems for cable drums. Use the cable directly from the chainflex® CASE. Create individual storage places through carrying handles and stackability.

Advantage 3: reorder online

With the QR Code on every chainflex® CASE you can reorder your cable online in a few seconds. Simply scan it with your smart phone.
Reorder online

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chainflex® CASE application examples from practice

chainflex® portfolio

Cables sold by the metre

The chainflex cables meet all the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility as well as standards and guidelines such as UL, CSA, VDE, EAC and much more.

chainflex® guarantee

chainflex lasts - 4 years guaranteed. Find everything about the unique chainflex guarantee here.